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Your home’s exterior gets exposed to the elements all year long. It doesn’t take long before dirt, pollen, pollution, and mold starts to make your walls look grimy. House washing services from Foxland Cleaning will keep your Georgia home looking beautiful all year long. When you hire our team, you will always feel proud to show people your home!


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Vinyl siding is the easiest for us to clean however, this material is more suitable for the growth of mildew quicker than other types of siding.

House Cleaning Cumming, GA

Cement Board

Cement board or Hardi-plank is a good middle ground cheaper than brick and stucco. Moreover, it does not get dirty as fast as vinyl.



Brick siding is the best for not needing to be cleaned as much as the other types of siding. With that said, when brick needs to be cleaned it needs a high strength of solution than the others do.

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Stucco is the most expensive siding and mildew loves to grow on it. This is also the only siding that may need to be soft washed due to its thin layer of cement.

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While mildew does grow on wood siding it doesn’t grow good. Another fungus Lichen does grow very well on wood though. The biggest issue with wood is if it is stained the solution to kill and remove any fungus will strip the stain.

Pressure Washing Options For Your Home

Before we cover proper house washing techniques, it is important to first cover the different pressure washing equipment that is used. Depending on the equipment, you can have very different results.

  • Bricks

    High Pressure

    Equipment: pressure washer 4 to 8 gallons per minute and 2500-4000 psi

    Pros: the higher the pressure the better you're able to take off debris like cobwebs

    Cons: causes a considerable amount of damage

    With the high-pressure washing technique, the technician uses the pressure washer at its highest setting. While removing cobwebs is a pro. I'm merely was trying to find something good for using this technique. More pressure there is it is easier to remove cobwebs however; it is not worth it as you can accomplish this with lower pressure and not causing damage to the home.

    As you can just imagine using high-pressure to clean your house is a bad idea. The amount of damage that this will cause is significant when it comes to vinyl siding not only can it put holes in that material but it also strips away the top layer which makes your house more susceptible to oxidation from the sun. It is usually a handyman that says he can pressure wash your house; many handymen I know to use this technique. Sadly, some pressure washing quote professionals unquote also use this technique due to their inexperience.

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    Soft Washing

    Equipment: electric or air pump 5 gallons per minute at 100 PSI
    Pros: most gentle application of solution and rinsing
    Cons: due to the soft pressure removing other debris are difficult

    In the Last 5 years, many companies have been moving towards soft wash techniques. This is for a number of reasons. Soft washing is significantly softer even compared to low-pressure technique. Soft wash being at 100 PSI, while the low-pressure wash is at 500 PSI. This a is point customers enjoy hearing due to the horror stories they hear about the damage pressure washing can cause.

    However, the lack of pressure is also the Achilles heel of soft washing, as it does not have enough pressure to properly rinse off spider webs from the home. Another issue is that the amount of solution used by most companies with these machines is so high that it can damage landscaping. When it comes to the cobwebs there's nothing you can do to improve getting them off with this technique due to the lack of pressure. However, if a company merely lowers the amount of bleach intheir solution, they can avoid causing damage to Landscaping. Most companies still keep it higher so that they are able to get the jobs done quicker and move on to the next house.

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    Down Streaming

    Equipment: pressure washer 4 to 8 gallons per minute and 2500-4000 psi
    Pros: a great compromise between gentle application and being able to rinse debris from the home
    Cons: This process takes longer compared to soft wash due to the amount of time the solution needs to set

    While using the down streaming technique you allow your pressure washer to run at its maximum pressure. However, with larger orifice nozzles, we are able to lower the pressure to 500 PSI. This is also why down streaming is called Low-Pressure washing. You can probably tell from the pro this is Foxland Cleaning preferred technique. Low pressure down streaming allows you to apply the solution without causing damage to your home and remove spiderwebs and other debris from your siding. The only downside of low pressure down streaming is that the concentration of the solution. Due to the technician not being able to adjust the concentration of the bleach in the solution like soft wash allows. This requires a longer dwell time but even with that in consideration, the average house only takes one hour to clean.

Our Plan For Successful House Washing

Some pressure washing companies show up and just start blasting your house. Foxland Cleaning has a better plan that helps ensure success.

Our plan includes:

  • Taping your electrical outlets to prevent water from getting inside them.
  • Removing cobwebs, spider webs, dobber nests, bird nests, and hornet nests.
  • Rinsing your plants and lawn with water.
  • Removing delicate plants that might get hurt during the house washing process.
  • Applying a house washing solution to your exterior walls.
  • Rinse off the solution.
  • Clean up to leave your home looking beautiful!

Our process has helped us wash thousands of Georgia homes. Find out how much you love your home when professionals clean it correctly!

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