Roof Cleaning 

Your home’s roof takes a daily beating from the elements. No matter what the day’s weather brings, your roof suffers through hot temperatures, rain, snow, or freezing temperatures.

Professional roof cleaning helps you protect your Georgia home’s beauty and safety. Foxland Cleaning gives you the perfect options at an affordable price.

Soft Wash Cleans All Types of Roofs

Foxland Cleaning has an experienced team of professionals that knows how to use soft washing techniques. Soft wash ensures that your roof gets cleaned without causing any damage.

We have experience cleaning several types of residential roofs in Georgia. Some of the most common roofing materials we clean include:

Roof Cleaning Cumming, GA

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt shingled roofs are the most common. These roofs are easily cleaned with our soft wash system. This system allows us to clean a roof with out needed to get on the roof.

Metal Roof Cleaning Cumming, GA

Metal Roof

Metal roofs are more dangerous for us to walk seeing that when wet they are extremely slick. In most cases we can wash a metal roof without getting on the roof.

Roof Cleaning Cumming, GA

Wood Shake

Due to the pitch of wood roofs we can not walk these roofs. In order to bid these projects, we must first evaluate the roof to see if the conditions allow us to clean the roof.

Roof Cleaning Cumming, GA

Clay Tile

Clay roofs are popular mainly in Florida. However, if you have one, we can easily wash a clay roof for you using our soft wash techniques.

Thanks to our soft wash technology and experience, you don’t have to worry that our crew will knock off a shingle or dent your metal roof.


Might we begin by explaining why those black streaks are there? Organic material is in the air all around us and it lands on your roof. A fungal growth called Lichen will attach itself to that organic material to eat it. Once it digests the material on the roof the Lichen will die which causes the black streaks. The Lichen itself is not an issue seen as they do not grow roots in your paint or shingles. However, the issue comes when other fungal growths such as mold mildew and Moss begin to feed upon the Lichen. These types of fungus do have roots and will anchor themselves on your roof causing your roof to prematurely deteriorate. This is why removing the black streaks from your home is so important.

Foxland Cleaning’s Approach to Roof Cleaning

Foxland Cleaning evaluates every project before we start cleaning. In most cases, we find that we can wash roofs without needing to stand on them.

When our team comes to your house, the professionals will carefully check your roof and surrounding areas for signs of existing damage. If we find any concerns, we’ll let you know.

Typically, we find that roofs are in good condition, so we can begin our washing plan. We don’t come in blasting our pressure washers. Instead, we take a planned approach that includes:

  • Covering all nearby electrical outlets and downspouts.
  • Rinsing nearby plants.
  • Rinsing wood areas with an oil-based stain.
  • Using a soft wash pump to apply a roof cleaning solution.
  • Rinsing your roof and surrounding area.

We won’t leave your home until you have a clean roof that shows off your home’s beauty.


At Foxland Cleaning, we never pressure wash a roof. We only use soft wash technique which has a maximum of 100 pounds of pressure per square inch. Due to the way shingles are made if you use a professional that is going to pressure wash or even rents on low pressure, they will deteriorate your shingles causing many of the granules to be removed. Only soft wash techniques should ever be allowed on a roof. one last note, with black streaks that should come out that same day the solution is applied. However, with a growth such as Moss this is just a treatment that will kill it. We will not wash it off sing as the rain we'll take care of that in a gentler manner.

Foxland Cleaning’s Service Area

Based in Cumming, Georgia, Foxland Cleaning is proud to serve the surrounding area. We work with homeowners in:

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